Seamless Aluminum Gutters

Available in 5", 6" or 7" width

Our gutters are formed on site as one single seamless piece, rather than multiple 10' sections. Among the many advantages of the seamless construction are superior rigidity, fewer leaks and improved appearance. The gutters can be formed in 5", 6" or 7" size.

The seamless gutter is formed with our precision machinery on site inside our work truck. Then the gutter piece is trimmed to the exact length. Both gutters, as well as downspouts are available in 27 different colors to match the trim of your home.

Measuring Exact fit is ensured by properly measuring the required gutter length, accounting for fascia board angle, inside or outside 90 degree gutter, etc


Downspouts are available in 2"x3", 3"x4", and also 4"x5" sizes to handle extreme rainfall or large roofs. The downspouts are also manufactured at the jobsite to guarantee an exact fit.

Specifically our seamless gutter installation process consists of the following steps:

  1. Installers arrive with trailer equipped with gutter machine and materials on time.
  2. Existing gutters will be removed and fascia inspected.
  3. Installer will fabricate gutters and install on site.
  4. Downspouts to be installed – location of downspouts is important so they effectively drain water away from the foundation and landscape.
  5. Optionally the Leaf guard protection will be installed.


Splash Blocks In order to protect the soil from erosion we recommend that splash blocks be placed under the downspouts. We carry spalsh blocks fabricated from cement or hard resigns. We have a variety of color choices to match your particular landscape design.


Leaf Protection and Gutter Screens In order to minimize future gutter clean-out and potential clogging, we can recommend various types gutter screens and covers. We have these screens and covers on hand and can install them at the time of service.

Like any other part of your home, your gutters need to be maintained to function properly. Leaves and debris can build up in your gutters clogging the downspout and restricting the flow of water. When the water cannot drain properly, it backs up into the trough causing the gutters overflow. Overflow can lead to water seeping behind the gutter and rotting the fascia. The standing water that remains also creates a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Gutter guards can be added to your gutter system to keep large leaves and debris out in order to prevent clogging and reduce maintenance. Without gutter guards, it is recommended that your gutters be cleaned out 1-3 times a year depending on the number of trees surrounding your home. With gutter guards, it is still recommended to clean out your gutters once a year which could be as simple as using a power washer to spray loose small debris and wash down the downspout. Let Katy Kustom Gutters discuss with you, your gutter guard options and how to maintain your gutters.


There are a number of gutter guards to choose from. Let Katy Kustom design which type of Screen or Leaf  protection Guard is best for your Gutter System. Depending on your needs whether it is for leaves or pine needles we have a large selection.


Rain Barrel There are several reasons to utilize a rain barrel at your home. With a rain barrell your are protecting your Foundation and the environment. It keeps the water out of the water and combined sewer systems. It reduces water and waste water bills. You can provide un-chlorinated but oxygenated water to your plants. And it protects our rivers, lakes and streams from runoff polution.


Residential and Commercial
We service both large commercial projects – in fact, we are a member of the Houston Apartment Association – as well as single family homes in residential neighborhoods.